So, here we go-

January 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Greetings, and welcome to my blog.

A little about me-

I’m a 37 year old married male, two kids, one dog. 

Own a house, two cars. 

Work in software/technology as an analyst.  No coding for me, though some of the simpler apps that are designed for monkeys to run, yeah, I’ll do that.

As someone who works with software, I’m incredibly resistent to technology.  Not that I hate it, I’m just not going to buy an iPhone every 6 months because Apple tells me to.  I got a cell phone because I had to (traveling and selling a house does that).  Upgraded to a newer phone because a rep offered it to me (when I said no, she replied, “What?  Why?  But…its free….”).  Got my latest (a Blackberry Curve, which I love) because the last phone shorted out.  I don’t have a flat screen HDTV, I have an 8+ yo desktop for a home computer (though I’m working on my wife allowing us to get a laptop and networking the two), and I don’t own an iPod (though I have an mp3 player- I could get 4 GB for the price of a 1 GB iPod.  I know Apple is cool and all, but…come on…)


Music- Let me put it this way- don’t play me no country western, most pop, most hip hop/rap, and we’ll be good.  OK?  OK.  (I’ll post my favorite bands/albums/etc as things go along)

TV- My kids are both under 5, and we try to keep the kids from watching more than an hour or so a day.  So the TV isn’t on much until they go to bed.  I’m growing to loath reality shows more and more, though there are few alternatives anymore.  But give me Community, 30 Rock, The Office once a week, and I’ll stay happy most of the week.  (More on this later as well)

Movies- Hard to hit theaters much anymore, but we get out occasionally.  I may be getting grumpier (or more tired), but I haven’t seen much good lately.  The type of movies that I used to like 10 years ago bore me now.  Having said that, I walked out of Inception half crying, half laughing.  Best movie I’ve seen in quite a long time.

Baseball- I was born in MA, lived in CT until I was 9.  You cannot love baseball and live in that area without cheering for one of the three ‘local’ teams.  I still bleed for the Sox.  But living in MN for the last almost 30 years, I can talk at length about the Twins.  And probably will. 

(Aside: This past week has been pretty good- Thome and Pavano signed, Punto signed elsewhere.  I can now say I’m a fan of all 25 Twins on the roster again)

College Basketball- Let me preface- I’m not a hoophead with bracketology running through my brain 24/7.  I hate that element of it.  I do not watch every game I can.  But I do follow it, and Golden Gopher basketball will be spoken here.

I was going to post some likes and dislikes, but….we’ll get to that…

Food- Good sushi, risotto, paella, cashews, caramel corn, prime rib, ribs, my mom’s stuffing, and my last meal on death row would have to be hot dogs, french fries, and baked beans.

Drink- Coke, a good strong lemonade that isn’t too sugared, G+T’s (Bombay Sapphire please), Guinness, microbrewed beer.  Some New Glarus Totally Naked with that last meal, please.

I’m a person of faith.  I hate writing that, but it must be said.  I hate people that trumpet their religious beliefs (or their passion against them).  For me, it is my choice of how I want to live and lead my life.  I know not all people ascribe to it, but that is how I choose to live my life.  I don’t go around praising god, thanking jesus, etc.  I choose to lead and show my beliefs by example.  We may disagree on the existence of God, but I think we can both agree that being good to one another, being kind to one another, and helping those in need is basically a good thing, right?  If we can agree on that, we’ve got a good starting point for a discussion on faith.  I hate the “I’m a Christian, therefore I believe…” preface to arguments on homosexuality, abortion, gun control, etc. that seem to saddle down people.

With that, I’m going to stop.  A lot of information, and yet some mystery involved still.  More topics to be discussed as time goes on.  Hopefully, I’ll write somewhat regularly.